About AgriSolar

AgriSolar Specialist Solar PV Farms Kerry
AgriSolar Specialist Solar PV Farms Kerry

About AgriSolar Specialists Ltd.

AgriSolar is an Irish owned company that specialises in solar panel (PV) installations providing homes, farms, and businesses with clean, green, and renewable electricity for decades. With over 20 years’ experience in Irish agriculture sector, we know and understand farms energy demands and requirements.

To maximise system performance, we provide a free site survey to tailor each installation to the individual user guaranteeing the best return on investment. We also advise home, farm, and busines owners on which solar incentives are applicable to them and assist them in securing grant aid.

Over the last 5 years Ireland electricity consumption has doubled and is expected to double again within the next 5 years. This unprecedented demand combined with increasing cost of fossil fuel such as coal, oil and gas is leading to unsustainable energy price increases within the Irish agriculture sector. Solar energy harvesting is the most sustainable, dependable, and affordable technology available for renewable energy generation with significant benefits.

Solar PV: Benefits

Farm buildings and sheds are ideal for installing highly efficient solar systems, enabling farms to become energy independent and insulating farm owners from the volatility of energy pricing demand and price increases. Our systems are tailored to meet the specific energy requirements of each individual farm ensuing a quick return in investment and significant energy savings throughout the prolonged lifetime of the installation.

If your interested in reducing your electricity and hot water bills, in adding value to your business and in becoming energy independent please contact us today to arrange a free site.

  • Reduced Electricity Cost (50 – 80% Decrease)
  • Low payback 2-3 year with long lifetime of 20-30 years
  • Accelerated tax relief (100% in year 1)
  • Tamms Grant 40%
  • SEAI (Sustainability Energy Authority of Ireland) Grant - €2400
  • Carbon Tax Reduction (11kw results in a 3 tonnes reduction of CO2 per annum)

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AgriSolar Specialist Solar PV Farms Kerry

Niall O'Hanlon

AgriSolar Specialist Solar PV Farms Kerry


AgriSolar Specialist Solar PV Farms Kerry

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